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Rental Info & Rules

How do I make a reservations? You can  reach us directly at 352/522-1805 or at info@aviantpartyrentals.com.

How far in advance should I make my reservation? You should make your reservations as soon as possible.  Our equipment is very popular and sometimes are booked weeks in advance. Weekends are our most popular  rental days so book them early.  


Will I have to pay a delivery charge? Bounce House delivery is free within most areas. If you are ordering tables, chairs, tents without an inflatable then a delivery charge does apply.


How much room is needed for a bounce house or slide? You will need to provide a level area of about 20' x 20' with an overhead clearance of 17' for our units. Slides will require  a space of 20' x 40' with an overhead clearance of 22'.

How many children fit in the bounce house?  Only compatible age groups and size shall play in the unit at the same time. The maximum number is as follows:

13x13 =  Under 8 years old (8),   9-12 years old (6), & Teens (4)

15x15 =  Under 8 years old (10), 9-12 years old (8), & Teens (5)

 Can you set up on any surface? Yes, our units can be set up on grass, or even indoors. Please note the area must be free of rocks, sticks and other sharp objects. Make sure there are no underground pipes. Please let us know what surface you would like the unit set up on when booking, this way we can have the proper equipment available.

Do you deliver and set up the bounce houses? Yes. Delivery includes coming to the specified location, setting up the equipment, go over safety rules, collect balance (cash on delivery).      At the end of your event, we will come & pick up the equipment. Note: You MUST be present at time of delivery and pick up.

 Can I pick the time that you deliver and pick-up?  Yes, you decide on the specific rental time and we'll try to schedule it as close to that as possible. We pick-up the unit after the party is over. We like to pick up while it's daylight.

What do I need to provide? All units must be within 80 feet of an electrical outlet. Some units may require 20 amp. Wet units require water hook-up & hose.  Water hook-up CAN NOT come straight from the well or a $50 cleaning fee will be imposed.


What if I need a generator? We have a generator available when needed. There will be a $40 charge on all generators.

Are your units safe? Yes, providing all the rules outlined on the operating procedures page of your rental contract are followed. Furthermore, all of our units come equipped with a safety entrance/exit ramp. All equipment is cleaned and sanitized for the safety of the kids.

 How long does it take to set up the bounce house? It takes about 15-30 minutes to set up and 30-45 minutes to take it down.

 What are my responsibilities as the renter? A responsible adult must be assigned to supervise the children while the equipment is in use. The adult must know all the safety rules and also enforce these rules. The renter is responsible for the safety of the children and the care of the equipment.  The renter must supervise the equipment until it's picked up by Aviant Party Rentals. It is your responsibility  to make sure that the rules are followed.  A $50 cleaning fee will be imposed if glitter, silly string, food, beverage, confetti, hard well water stains, or anything else is found on the inflatable that requires out of the ordinary cleaning. 

What if it is rainy or windy? Aviant Party Rentals reserves the right to cancel a reservation due to heavy rains or high winds (over 25 mph). There is no penalty to the renter.  We will call on the morning of your party to confirm the reservation. At that time you have the option of canceling your order.  Should you decide to proceed with your order in such weather conditions, once the unit is delivered, there will be no refunds should the weather conditions consist of heavy rains or high winds. Inflatable rides cannot be used during rain, thunderstorm or high winds.  Refund or Rain checks will NOT be issued in the event of the leased equipment is not used after it is delivered for any reason.  Be Aware that WE RESERVE THE RIGHT  TO CANCEL YOUR RESERVATION IF INCLEMENT RAIN/WEATHER IS IMMINENT, UP TO THE TIME OF DELIVERY! If you have questions about our weather policy please call (352) 522-1805. Wet vinyl is unsafe and high winds are extremely dangerous. Dry inflatables require additional cleaning when wet and if you insist on delivery, then an additional cleaning fee of $50.00 could be required. Final decision to be made by Aviant Party Rentals. In the event that it does rain during your rental period.  Exit the ride, but leave it in operation. You can reenter the ride after it has completely dried.  To speed up this process an adult can dry the ride with a towel.  Absolutely, under no circumstances should riders enter the ride if it is raining or wet.  Wet vinyl is slippery and dangerous. In addition, if winds exceed 25 MPH the unit must be exited and then deflated. 

 Who sets up chairs and tables? Unless previous arrangements were made you are responsible to set up all tables and chairs. After your event you're responsible to fold all tables and chairs and place them neatly under cover to await our pick up.

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No shoes allowed on bouncer
All riders must empty all pockets.
All riders must remove eyeglasses, jewelry, and any hard or sharp objects before entering ride.
Riders must be grouped according to age and size before entering ride.
No flips, wrestling, or other forms of rough housing allowed while on ride.
Do not bounce closer than four feet from each other.
Do not bounce on step or near doorway.
No climbing or hanging on the outside walls or roof.
No one is allowed on ride while it is being inflated or deflated.
Do not erect in high wind.
If during operation the wind becomes excessive(25mph), unload occupants and deflate the ride.
This ride is not to be used when raining or wet (except for our wet/dry units). Do not spray water on ride for any reason.
No silly string or glitter is to be used.
Number of riders should be limited according to age and size and is the responsibility of adult in charge.
No Beverage or Food inside ride or anywhere near it.
No Pets allowed inside ride or anywhere near it.
Do not allow anyone to touch the AirPump or Generator.
No Smoking anywhere near the ride.
We prohibit the use of our equipment to anyone under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or any intoxicating substance.



Adult supervision is absolutely required at all time. 

  1. Board train in the STOP position only.
  2. Remain seated w/seat belt on while the train is moving.
  3. Exit train only upon attendants command.
  4. Do not switch seats while train is in motion.
  5. Do not try to remove a dissatisfied child until attendant fully stops ride.
  6. Spectators must remain clear of loading zone & train path.
  7. Do not allow children to operate.
  8. Do not leave equipment unattended.
  9. Do not allow children to play in barrels.
  10. No food or drinks on train.

 If you have further questions please call us at 352/522-1805 or email us at:  info@aviantpartyrentals.com

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